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Transformative healing for brain, body, and being.

Transform anxiety and depression through clinically proven ketamine therapy in a calm and caring environment.

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Welcome to Wellbeing, our ketamine clinic in Denver, Colorado. We are a team of medical professionals dedicated to providing high-quality, evidence-based care to individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, and other treatment-resistant mental health conditions.


What We Do

Our clinic offers intravenous ketamine infusions, in a calm and caring environment, as a safe and effective treatment option for those who have not found relief from traditional therapies. Ketamine has been shown to have rapid and long-lasting effects in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Our Team

Our team of trained medical professionals will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan and ensure a comfortable and supportive experience. We are committed to providing the highest level of care to our patients and are proud to offer ketamine as a cutting-edge treatment option. Learn more about us!


Transformative Testimonials


I truly didn’t know what to expect when starting the infusions. However, Andrea made me feel so incredibly safe, comfortable, and supported. Since my ketamine infusions, I truly feel like l like I have a new body, mind and such a greater ability to continue my healing and self-discovery journey. I'm SO incredibly grateful for my experience at Wellbeing! I couldn't recommend it more.


I was honestly nervous to start ketamine infusions but Andrea answered all of my questions and put me at ease. Andrea also worked with my therapist to make sure everyone involved in my healing journey was in communication. She made the ketamine process incredibly easy and comfortable. I had a great experience with Wellbeing, Andrea, and her staff and will be returning in the future. If you’re considering Ketamine therapy, I highly recommend reaching out to Wellbeing!


This is a wonderful ketamine clinic; whether it's a quick little poke with a needle or an infusion, this is the place to go to get your Ketamine treatments done. They have a very helpful and friendly staff. I have CRPS, and Ketamine infusions have been one of the few things that has actually helped.

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Wellbeing is a ketamine clinic located in Denver, CO.

By appointment only.

1076 South Gaylord Street

Denver, CO 80209

(720) 263-2135

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